Day Four of Cannes

2015-05-21 10.43.28 Day Four of Festival de Cannes – Page Officielle – Spent a relaxing morning in Nice doing some work and exploring. Headed to Cannes for the afternoon.

2015-05-21 10.43.49

I had found out the day before that one of the films I worked on last year, ‘Love At First Swipe’, was in the short film corner. I hadn’t seen it before, so I walked around the Marché du Film – Festival de Cannes then spent an hour watching short films in the short film corner. Now I’m promoting two films in the short film corner! (‘Dead Letter’ and ‘Love At First Swipe’).

2015-05-21 15.59.31 I finally bought data for the Pavilion, so I could tweet and instagram and contact people. It seems you have to, because otherwise the phones don’t work (for me, anyway).

Drinks and networking at the SFC Happy Hour. Had dinner at a place called Steak and Shake with Andrew, Kira, Serafina, and Ayman.2015-05-21 17.38.21

We headed to Le Petit Majestic for a drink. We had been told this was the go-to place where all the Brits hang out, but we went far too early. Also, what do you think it means when the waitress gives you wine in a plastic cup (everyone else got glass, and there were wine glasses there), gives the bill immediately and returns to collect it before you’re finished, and doesn’t ask if you want another drink?  Don’t know why, but she didn’t want us there perhaps?

2015-05-21 21.45.09

We finished the day watching ‘Apollo 13’ on a big screen on the beach.

It finished after the last train, so we quickly caught an Uber back to Nice.

Day Three of Cannes

2015-05-20 09.58.30Day Three of Festival de Cannes – Page Officielle — the stress of dressing for the red carpet and packing a bag with spare shoes and minimal extras led to missioning to Cannes to collect the ticket for ‘Youth’. Managed to miss the 10am deadline but eventually found where to collect tickets and got it (yay!).

Petit Dejeuner nearby, then headed to the NZ Film Commission lunch for Sales Agents, Distributors, and Kiwi Producers. Left early to mission to the red carpet (*dahling!*) — to find that the red carpet screenings in the afternoon aren’t *so* formal. I didn’t need to change to heels! And took no selfies. There were people in jeans (and still some in black tie). Got to chatting to a Canadian screenwriter while awaiting the screening.

2015-05-20 14.08.25 2015-05-20 14.08.33

The film was beautiful and played well to the Cannes audience.

2015-05-20 17.57.30

Headed to the American Pavilion with Andrew and Kira . Then attended the Flickerama reception at the UK Film Pavilion. Good times! Headed to the Majestic with friends before heading back to Nice on the last train to grab a late pizza and SLEEP!2015-05-20 17.57.27 

Phone keeps dying and no internet, so sorry there aren’t many photos yet. Brilliant networking and meeting people, and getting distribution and production interest in a feature film project we’re pitching. Now onto day four!

Day One of Cannes

Amazing first day at Festival de Cannes – Page Officielle . Made it to Nice, then got to Cannes to collect accreditation about 5pm. Phone died many times during the day so very few photos. Found the UK Film Pavilion to volunteer at the WFTV Reception (masses of awesome networking). Then headed out to dinner, and nearly made it to the Vanity Fair Polish Party — except had been up since 5am, so instead caught the last train back to Nice. Now to sleep before getting up to volunteer at La Plage Royale on the Croisette.

2015-05-18 17.34.18 2015-05-18 17.34.32 2015-05-18 17.37.12 2015-05-18 17.37.15 2015-05-18 18.10.38 2015-05-18 20.30.09 2015-05-18 20.30.33

Day Two of Cannes

Day Two of Festival de Cannes – Page Officielle : volunteered with Show Me the F£&%ing money, a web site that interviews movers and shakers about film financing. Had a lovely day shooting at La Plage Royale. Kira, Andrew, and I went to the NZFC Offices. Had a meeting at the Canadian Pavilion, went through the Marché du Film – Festival de Cannes. Then headed home as we were shattered. Now onto day three — where I have a lunch with the NZ Film Commission and will be attending a red carpet screening of ‘Youth‘ !

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