Skip School

Today is the last day of filming “Skip School“, a web series about Alex, who struggles with the time jumps of his new school. I have been producing for the students in my course, so they can experience being on set.

Here is a photo of me directing our Alex, played by Ben Grady. The photo was taken by one of the students (lovely shot composition, innit?).Image

‘Practical Film Producing’

The first lecture of my course is tomorrow.

This post was written in January 2014, and stayed in my drafts folder for a long long time. I’m posting it retrospectively.

Tomorrow is the first lecture for my BUS 340 Practical Film Producing course at Hult International Business School.

I have a really amazing bunch of students. I unfortunately missed the first week of class – as I had to be in Dubai for our Global Powwow –  so the first week of the course has been online. Students have introduced themselves online and have completed a little quiz (just a multiple choice asking them why they’re doing the course). I had set three films to watch before we meet tomorrow: ‘Lost In La Mancha’, ‘The Kid Stays In The Picture’, and ‘Side By Side’. They have been commenting on them on a discussion forum, and I think I only scared off a couple of them 😀

And, finally, I asked the students to share two short films that they enjoy, to share what they like about it. Some of these students never watch short films. It’s brilliant – they’re getting an opportunity to watch a load of films. They’re seeing different genres and stories. I’m watching every one – which may have been stupid, because I have hours of shorts to watch. But it’s brilliant, because I have hours of films to watch!! I’m loving it. And also, they’re sharing films from their country – it’s an International school, so the students are from all over. I’ve watched an amazing film from Kenya about Somali pirates, a Greek short about a father and son, and I’m about to watch a Dominican short.

I’m looking forward to the class tomorrow.

You can follow the hashtag #practicalproducing on twitter during the course for tips.