‘Practical Film Producing’

This post was written in January 2014, and stayed in my drafts folder for a long long time. I’m posting it retrospectively.

Tomorrow is the first lecture for my BUS 340 Practical Film Producing course at Hult International Business School.

I have a really amazing bunch of students. I unfortunately missed the first week of class – as I had to be in Dubai for our Global Powwow –  so the first week of the course has been online. Students have introduced themselves online and have completed a little quiz (just a multiple choice asking them why they’re doing the course). I had set three films to watch before we meet tomorrow: ‘Lost In La Mancha’, ‘The Kid Stays In The Picture’, and ‘Side By Side’. They have been commenting on them on a discussion forum, and I think I only scared off a couple of them 😀

And, finally, I asked the students to share two short films that they enjoy, to share what they like about it. Some of these students never watch short films. It’s brilliant – they’re getting an opportunity to watch a load of films. They’re seeing different genres and stories. I’m watching every one – which may have been stupid, because I have hours of shorts to watch. But it’s brilliant, because I have hours of films to watch!! I’m loving it. And also, they’re sharing films from their country – it’s an International school, so the students are from all over. I’ve watched an amazing film from Kenya about Somali pirates, a Greek short about a father and son, and I’m about to watch a Dominican short.

I’m looking forward to the class tomorrow.

You can follow the hashtag #practicalproducing on twitter during the course for tips.

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