Creating an animatic

An Animatic is a moving storyboard with music and sound. They are created in soft preproduction (for fundraising purposes) or during preproduction, and are used extensively in animation and VFX. It is a valuable tool for directors to test the pacing of a scene before they’ve shot it.

Creating A Simple Animatic

The stages are: visual, audio, and export


  • Draw storyboards video-storyboard-example
  • Take photos of your storyboards OR create digital storyboards (e.g. Photoshop)
    • you will need .png or .jpg files of each storyboard
  • import your storyboards into a video editing software (e.g. Adobe Premiere)
  • lay the storyboards on the timeline in the correct order
  • change the duration of the storyboards; add transitions: basically cut together the storyboards to how it will look
  • if you have any footage, edit that in



  • record your voice as the voice-over (this can be rough)
  • lay the voice-over onto the audio section of the timeline
  • cut it to the correct timing
  • add any music you intend to use (or music that is similar to what you want to use)

You have just created a SCRATCH TRACK


  • with your edited storyboards and scratch track, set your OUT POINT, and export the video (as a .MOV or .MP4)

You now have an animatic

Not mine: Thesis animatic
by  2015 (link)

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