Did I mention I was busy?


Oh, the joys of double booking…


  • The last day of the busiest week of the year at work; then
  • Standing in the Globe Theatre and watching Taming Of The Shrew with some of my lovely friends, and
  • Trying to get over this cold, in preparation for…



  • Sound editing for this competition.
  • Sleep?


  • The second most busiest week of the year at work;
  • dance classes
  • meeting friends
  • editing; until

Next weekend

By the way, two 48-hour film competitions in one weekend? Three within two weeks? This city be crazy!

Now, before anyone calls me mad, I’ll just point out that I am a stress junkie, and am uber-stoked to be on not one but two film sets in the course of two weeks. I love it, and this is what I live for.

And I didn’t get to take part in the 48 hour film competition in NZ this year, so doing two in London makes perfect sense. Right? Right?

Now to work on getting rid of this damn cold/virus thing…




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