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I attended the Guerilla Filmmakers Producers Masterclass about a month ago (the blog post about it is still in my drafts section). There, I met some wonderful filmmakers. One of whom I got on so well with, we decided to collaborate in future.

That filmmaker, Kira, asked me to be third camera for filming a choral gig last weekend. It was the Pink Singers concert at St Johns, Smith Square. I was shooting with Kira and her film partner, Andrew. Boy, did I miss shooting and then handing over the footage to other people to edit. [Also, no matter if you have two 32GB CF cards, one 8GB CF card, and two fully charged batteries, the 7D will still overheat by the last song of a 2+ hour gig, and will tell you your card is full. (in actuality, I was 1/3rd full, but what are you gonna do?)]

I also got a boom pole (finally!) and a 32″ fleckie (reflector to non-kiwis). And a 50mm prime (two lenses!). I’m building up my film kit.

I am trying to not take on too much stuff. It’s a bad habit of mine: picking up too much. I have some editing to finish, things I shot and need to finish. So I’m trying to not pick up too much until they’re done and dusted.

I was contacted last night about shooting a gig tonight, and editing showcases for the bands. I’ve filmed gigs in NZ, so no prob there. I applied, asking for more info and dates, on StarNow last week. The format the client wants requires two cameras. So I’ve contacted the few camera people I know, and have put calls out on FB and twitter. The client wants me to edit. So I’m trying to find a freelance editor. Better that the project be done than having to wait for me, non?

Either way, it’s good for film work to be coming in.

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