The PC is dead. Long Live the PC?

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Yes, I am a dual computer owner. My PC was built for me in 2002. We’ve been together through thick and thin. Through 4 years of University study and a few years of work. However, it wasn’t working in the way I wanted for film editing (it definitely didn’t have enough space, even though it was built with masses of space/ram/memory at the time). ┬áIt did, however, work with ProTools when my MBox was working. And it has Sibelius.

It’s been living in my downstairs studio since I moved back into the house in 2006. I became a dual computer owner when I invested in this Mac for film editing in … when was it? 2008? 2007?

So I had one computer for sound editing and one computer for film editing. Both were downstairs. Then I worked out I wasn’t heading down to my cold dark studio to do work. So I moved the Mac upstairs, and left the PC downstairs. In a cold dark damp room.

Then we had a flood situation in the studio. A broken pipe. Destroyed carpet. In emptying out the room, the PC was one of the first things to move. That was in about … May? (My sense of time can get a bit warped.) The computer hasn’t been plugged in since then. Before that, it hadn’t been turned on in months.

So, finally, finding some time, I decided to plug in my PC and get it working. Plus I need to use ProTools. (As an aside, did you know that MBoxes don’t work with Macs with Intel Processors? Yep. VERY annoying. Otherwise I would have had this debate when I got the Mac).

I cleaned the desk, found all the cables, plugged it in, and turned it on.


Loud squeal noise.


This brings me to my dilemma.

I don’t use the PC anymore, but I need it for ProTools. Do I pay someone to get it fixed, or do I cut my losses, say it’s obsolete, and invest in a different Digidesign system that works with Intel Processor Macs?

Should Patricia get rid of her PC?


Oh crap, and now I don’t have Sibelius. Crap.


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