‘The Tide’ by The Wistful Snail

My friend, Dan who lives in Melbourne, has been experimenting with making short films to his songs. He’s a very talented musician, and it’s great to hear what he’s doing. Below is his latest on Vimeo. I’ve given him some feedback, and asked if I could put his piece here so others can too.

So, please to enjoy. I think you’d like the music if you like Sigur Ros and Arcade Fire.

Feedback can be given direct to Dan on his Vimeo account, or here.

“The Tide” by The Wistful Snail from Daniel Goh on Vimeo.

With this project I wanted to experiment more with both film and music. Essentially, I wanted to capture beauty in its simplest form, which is also why I opted to work with black and white visuals.

As well as that, I wanted to work with my friend, Lou, on a track so I asked him to come up with a bunch of guitar lines to use. On top of these ideas, I layered instruments and ambience as well as some interesting edits to create this finished project. Hope you like what I did Lou!!

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