Remakes – ugh

A good article on the Hollywood remake, with reference to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo films and Let Me In / Let The Right One In.

I loathe Hollywood remaking great foreign films. I loathe overdubbing. I think people should learn to read subtitles.

That said, something that also irks me is when people with a similar view to mine blame Americans solely. As in “Americans should learn to read subtitles”. 1) that is a gross generalisation, and the American audience shouldn’t be lumped into one ‘can’t and won’t read subtitles’ box; and 2) it’s not just the American Hollywood audience who don’t like to read subtitles. When I was in Belgium, my host brother complained that he didn’t want to see the version originale of an anglophone film, as he didn’t “want to read a film!” So, not just anglophone audiences (pardon the generalisation) who dislike subtitles.

A thought I had is that it may be easier for foreign markets to translate from American English into their language. It may be easier to find an English translator than an obscure language translator. Also, if there are cultural translations available, due to the globalisation of American culture, it may be easier for an audience to understand and for a translator to translate. Sad but true.

And then there is the dumbing down… being a cinephile, you’ll have to get used to any patronising attitude on my part to losing cultural significance in movies for the lowest common denominator. However, someone suggested to me once that concepts are easier for the international audience to understand if they are dumbed down. Hence my thought about translation being easier. So Hollywood makes films more basic to understand for the international audience, not the American audience? Something to think about.

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