Back on set

I was back on set for the first time since before the pandemic

I was the First Assistant Director and Production Manager for Velma Velma Velma, a short film directed by Josh Kidd, shooting in East London, 21-23 July 2021

The last film I was on set for was A Winter Barbecue, the last Action On The Side film. We shot that the day before the UK went into its first lockdown, in March 2020.

The key changes shooting post-covid include:

  • requiring proof of negative test result
  • wearing a mask when inside
  • minimising people on set
  • staggering call and wrap times
  • increased hand-washing and use of sanitiser
  • individual catering, minimising cross-contamination

Now that I’ve cracked that on-set cherry again, time to get to more film shoots.

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