Shorts on Letterboxd

If you’re making short films, you need to watch short films.

I haven’t written a blog post on Letterboxd and how much I have taken to using it (yet), but until I do, I thought I would share these useful lists I am using to watch short films.

Letterboxd logo
Letterboxd: Your Life In Film

Got 15 minutes to spare?

Alter: short horror films

Dust: short sci-fi films

Crypt TV: short horror films (1)

Crypt TV: short horror films (2)

Horror Shorts (1-10 minutes)

Letterboxd’s top 250 rated short films of all time

Pixar Sparkshorts

I’m also working my way through a Ranker list of Truly Scary Short Films You Can Creep Out To On YouTube Tonight

These lists help me to focus my short film watching. How do you pick which shorts to watch?

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