Cabin In The Woods

I am such a film geek. I watch a bazillion films a year (well, not as many as I’d like). I go to film seminars. I hang out with film peeps. I read film books. I listen to film podcasts.  And recently, I watched the amazeballs film ‘Cabin In The Woods’.

It was phenomenally awesome. I came out and tweeted ‘Joss Whedon is a God’. I love how everyone who has watched it has avoided spreading spoilers about it. The film is best seen without knowing anything about it. Let’s just say, eventually, I want a copy of the DVD in my collection.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that the Australasian distributors have decided that Cabin In The Woods will go straight to DVD in NZ and Australia.





That’s right. My friends in Aus and NZ will miss out on the opportunity to see this film in the cinema.

New Zealand has a huge number of cinemas and a huge number of cinemagoers. See the stats. The film stars an Aussie and a Kiwi*. Yet the distributors want the film to bypass cinemas and have that crap title of ‘straight to DVD’.

*(by the way, I am surprised in the lack of coverage of Anna Hutchison being in this film, but that could be because 1) I’m not currently in NZ, and 2) it hasn’t been released in NZ yet). Us kiwis are renowned for promoting Kiwis making good overseas. World Famous In New Zealand

The internet is, of course, in an uproar. At least in the Antipodes. I especially like The Film Junkie’s comments and this plea from Drew McWeeny. Thankfully, there is a petition at that you can sign to get Cabin In The Woods to the cinemas. Please sign. I can’t imagine my friends not seeing this wonderful piece of cinema.

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