Fundraising for ‘A Party For Me’

Ladies and Gentleman,

We are fundraising to cover costs for A Party For Me, and would appreciate your support. 

Please follow this link to PledgeMe:

PledgeMe is a New Zealand crowdfunding site. For those who are unfamiliar with crowdfunding, to donate you pledge an amount and provide your credit card details (the site is 100% legit and safe if you have any concerns). If the project is pledged the full amount, then the amount you pledged comes off your credit card. If it does not reach its target by the deadline, then no charge is made to your credit card. $270 is the minimum we need to raise; we can exceed the target.

We are asking for $270. That is to cover the costs incurred by make-up and wardrobe, who created the look for our nine undead characters. It will also go towards the costs of hiring equipment, such as a smoke machine, lenses, and lights.

The majority of the film crew are current students at or recent Graduates from Victoria University. As well as the PledgeMe campaign, we have been fundraising by selling TradeAid chocolates, and we’re looking at running a fundraising gig in Wellington in April.

A Party For Me was shot during Waitangi weekend (4-6 February 2012). It was written and directed by Amy Brosnahan. It is currently in post-production. I produced the film concurrently with Copper before I left the country. The executive producers are Eclipse Entertainment.

Your support would be greatly appreciated. Please do share this with your friends, family,  and colleagues. Thank you.

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  1. Hi Patricia,

    Mum said not to worry about paying our petrol costs, if that helps.

    Just a copy of the film would be nice 🙂

    Thank you
    I hope you’re happy in London!


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