The Try Hard, The Ghost I Know, Rockets and Robots

My friend Dan’s Blog, The Try Hard, is getting 60 hits an hour because  New Young Pony Club tweeted his review. He’s writing a review for each of his top 20 albums of 2010. The blog is at

My friend Andrew Savage has a blog about songwriting called  The Ghost I Know. He writes about the background on some of the songs he’s written, his thoughts on songwriting, and all about bands and music and stuff. Check it out at

And another friend called Andy has a blog called Rockets and Robots. He does reviews of all the films he sees, and writes about the 16mm film course that we’re doing together. He’s writing reviews of all the Wellington Film Society screenings as well: perfect reading for when I’m too busy to see the films I want to or to get to the Film Society. I just read Andy’s blog. You can too, at

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  1. Cheers for the shout-out Patricia! Hits have tapered down a bit now, but was madness for a while there. Holding steady at about 12 per hour now. Never seen anything like it on the small little blog of mine!

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