A few links

I’m just putting these links here to share them, and so I can look at them later.

Nicola Clements, who I worked with on [SIC], a short film for the 2011 Deaf Film Festival (directed by Jared Flitcroft). This article on stuff.co.nz is about the Emerging Artists Trust (EAT).

The City Gallery is holding a screening of a documentary on urban Aboriginal artist collection proppaNOW. This comes highly recommended—a well put together doco on art/politics/race relations in Australia. Friday 3 Dec, 12.30pm.

Film Specific: a resource on building an online presence for your short film. Interview with Thomas Mai. http://www.filmspecific.com/public/1224.cfm. I’ll have to watch this later. I went to the Film Specific website, and signed up for their weekly e-newsletter. With it, I got a link to a resource called Profiting from Film Festivals: a mini-guide. I’ll print that off later and read it. It looks useful.

I also found the Independent Film Blog, which looks like something useful to peruse.

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