Naenae Festival

I’m performing with The Sirocco Middle Eastern Dancers at the Naenae Festival. (–Culture/Huttscene-events/Event/Naenae-Festival/)  Here are the details for our performance, if you want to come along and see.

Date: Saturday 27 November
Time: We’re on at 10.45am, on the stage. It’s a 15 minute performance – so you’ll miss us if they’re running to time and you turn up at 11am.
Where: Hillary Court, Naenae. There’ll be a stage, which we’ll be on.

We’ve got a bracket of four dances: a cane dance, two beledi dances, and (my favourite) a drum dance. I think I’m premiering my new beledi dress – I’m pretty sure I haven’t had the chance to wear it in performance yet.

The Sirocco Middle Eastern Dancers will perform a bracket of dances from around the middle east. The first two were choreographed especially for Sirocco by local dancers and the last two were choreographed by American dancers and passed on to us. These dances are in beledi or ethnic style and costume, rather than the cabaret that many people associate with belly dancing. The bracket opens with a cane dance in Egyptian style and this is followed by Harida’s Baladi, then a Persian beledi, in Iranian folk style. The finale is a lively interpretation of the traditional song Tammerhenna.

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