The first post.

Now why would I create a website of me?

Quite frankly, as a marketing tool. To put up my CV in a place where I can direct prospective employers, collaborators, and students to find out more about my work. Where I can put my opinions about various things in a public online forum – because with the permanence of the internet, that is always a good thing to do. *cough*

I shall try to keep this website up to date as best as I can. However, note that this blog is called ‘Busy Times’. Most notably because of how busy I am. So I make no guarantees. It could get out of date quickly. Know that if it is out of date, it is because of how busy I am doing creative (and sometimes not-so-creative) things. Sometimes I may even just post a link to something I find interesting. Or something I’d like to look at later.

That is all for now.

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Film Producer, Director, Lecturer. From NZ based in London.

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