Cut-Out (2014)


Made as part of Action On The Side November 2014

A man is haunted by a psychopathic missing person’s leaflet.

Cut-Out from Patricia Hetherington on Vimeo.

A horror-comedy short from writer-director Chris Parker.
This film was made in one month as part of Action On The Side (, November 2014.

The script was pitched and developed the weekend of 1-2 November 2014.
The film was shot on 8-9 November 2014 in Morden, London, UK.
The film was premiered on 23 November 2014 at the Action On The Side screening.


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behind the scenes images


Action On The Side
Sunday 23 November 2014
Hult House East
London, UK


Richard Serling
Armando Tavares Da Silva

Stan Thorwald
John Dumont

Abigail Blaine
Stine Olsen

Woman In Street
Patricia Hetherington


Chris Parker
Writer, Director

Patricia Hetherington

Cathy Kostova
First Assistant Director

Becky Brynholf
Continuity, Script Supervisor

Catalina Vélez
Director of Photography, Editor

Matt Thomas
First Assistant Camera (and Dutch Title Master)

Nathan Barker

Geraldine Cabanero
Art Department, Production Assistant

Yuseph Bashat
Art Department

Francesca Ioppolo
Hair, Make-up Artist

James Morgan
Sound Recordist

Matthew Russell
Sound Design

Alastair White


Gaby, Charlie & George
The Morgan Family
Sophie Johnson & Adam Pearson
Everyone at Action On The Side

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