A Party For Me (2012-14)

A lonely scientist receives a surprise visit

A new twist on the zombie genre

A Party For Me was written and directed by Amy Brosnahan, and produced by Patricia Hetherington. The film was shot on Waitangi Weekend (February 4-6) 2012.

Post-production was finished in November 2014.

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PledgeMe Throwback Thursday
12 November 2015


Macabre Faire FF

Macabre Faire Film Festival
Long Island, NY USA
16 January 2016

Fright Night Film Fest
Louisville, KY, USA
16 October 2015
(World premiere, North American premiere)

‘A Party For Me’ Cast and Crew screening

A photo posted by Patricia Hetherington (@phetheringtonnz) on Dec 1, 2014 at 10:33pm PST


Cast and Crew private preview
Wellington, New Zealand
02 December 2014


Mortimer Norman-Makena (The Scientist)
Floyd Norman
That Random Guy and Co YouTube Channel

Alex Makena (The Father)
Joseph Mika-Hunt
Joseph on IMDb
Joseph on E-Caster

Maria Norman-Makena (The Mother)
Anita Ross
Anita on IMDb
Anita on StarNow

Amy Norman (The Sister)
Rachel Roberts
Rachel on StarNow
Rachel on IMDb

Nordly Norman (The Grandfather)
Gary French
Gary on StarNow

James Norman (The Uncle)
Alexander Hardy
Alex on StarNow

Maxwell Norman (The Violinist)
Tristan Carter

Alexandra Norman (The Cousin)
Tharina Bouwer
Tharina’s website
Tharina on StarNow

Clarissa Norman (The Cousin)
Isabel Stewart
Isabel on StarNow
Isabel’s Agent Profile

Beatrice Norman (The Niece)
Bella Goode
Bella on StarNow

The Cat


Writer, Director
Amy Brosnahan

Patricia Hetherington
Patricia on IMDb

First Assistant Director
Johnny Crawford
Johnny on IMDb

Production Manager
Jed Friel
Jed on IMDb

Director of Photography / Editor
Nils Lindemann
Nils’ Website
Nils on IMDb

Boom Operator
Tim Johnson

Oren Graham
Oren on IMDb

Tristan Maxwell

Lighting  and Camera Assistants
Slayton Hurst Bourdon

Tony Black
Tony on IMDb

Ben Sutherland

Donna Malneek
Faking Fabulous – Couture Beauty

Wardrobe Assistant
Deb Lambert
Faking Fabulous – Couture Beauty

Sarah Elford
Sarah on CarbonMade.com
Sarah on IMDb

Liz Parker
Liz on CarbonMade.com

Charlotte Jones

Briar Prastiti

Colour Grading
Jonathan-Ashley Harris

Jesse Gonzalez


We sold TradeAid fundraising chocolates. Thank you to our key crew who sold the chocolates in a short time, and thank you to those who bought them.

We were able to raise funds through PledgeMe. Thank you to our Pledgers. You can see our successful campaign on the PledgeMe site. Special thanks to Anna @ PledgeMe for her help setting up the campaign. And to our wonderful Pledgers:

  • Jarrod Murrell
  • Anton Ivanov
  • James Batchelar
  • Sam Harvey
  • Esther Bowie
  • Mary McCallum
  • Terry Friel
  • Kieran Timms

We also ran a fundraising gig and BBQ at Bar Medusa, in association with the Music & Artists’ Social Club (MASC). Special Thanks to Minto Fung for organising the gig. Thank you to the following acts for playing.


We shot the film in Kelburn, Newlands, at at Mount Street Cemetery. Special Thanks to Victoria University of Wellington for permission to shoot, and for flatmates for permission to film.


Paul Wolffram, Bernard Blackburn
Victoria University of Wellington Film Department
Nicci Lock, Film Wellington
Marie Bird, David Work
Elliot Lim

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