How to add a film to Letterboxd

Letterboxd is a social media site for lovers of film.

Here’s my profile

I use the app and website religiously, and expound its virtues with every film person I know. I encouraged students to use it, so they could get into the habit of logging and reviewing films — building up their film language and their film knowledge.

I find the habit of logging films to be so beneficial. With Letterboxd, you can:

  • log the films you watch
  • review the films you watch — reviews you can refer to later if you forget what you thought of a film
  • add films to bespoke lists — I use the list function as a teaching tool
  • use the stats function to see your viewing habits – getting cool reports for the end of the year, and even see what percentage of films from a particular crew member or actor you have ever seen
  • follow people and have them follow you
  • easily add films to an awesome watchlist — one that sends you notifications when films on your watchlist become available on your favourite viewing platforms
  • find new and interesting films to watch

I was so happy to find that short films are on Letterboxd as well. Now I can log the shorts I watch. It has saved me a few times when I hadn’t realised I had already watched a film through.

I have been watching loads of short films on channels such as Dust, Alter, Omeleto, and Crypt TV. Every film, I log, and I include the YouTube link so others can watch as well.

What I have found frustrating though is when films don’t appear on Letterboxd. How can I log them if they’re not there?! This has been especially frustrating during film festivals…

{I hope this rant on my FB embedded properly}

After attending the Aesthetica Short Film Festival and realising that most of the films are not on Letterboxd, I had to take action!

So, here is a video that outlines how to get your film on Letterboxd

Step 1: add the film to The Movie Database (TMDb)

Step 2: … that’s it.

Keep watching to see it done in real-time with one of our Action On The Side shorts.

and Filmmakers: please … please … PLEASE … make sure your film is on Letterboxd.

so geeks like me can watch it and log it.

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