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Hello to the students that I am currently teaching Web Design to.

This is a blog post. It appears in the feed. Blog posts appear in chronological order when you post them: meaning they are date- and time-stamped, and the most recent post appears at the top of the feed.

Your audience can engage with your posts by liking, sharing, commenting, and following your website. You can track audience engagement in the backend of your website (for WordPress, this is the Dashboard).

Remember blog posts don’t have to be just text: embed relevant images, videos, gifs, and links. Include headings, different fonts, font size, font colour. Learn basic HTML to help you.

If you embed images, videos, or gifs, include Alternative Text: that means readers can still see what the image was meant to be if it doesn’t load, and it is more inclusive for vision-impaired people.

Make sure you set an excerpt: that is a short sentence about the post that is shared on social media.

Set a category so readers can find similar posts on your blog.

Set tags to help your SEO and so readers can find similar posts on your blog.

Best practice for blogs is to post regularly, so readers get regular content. Blogs are meant to be live! Set a schedule and post away.

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