Bellydance Teachers in Wellington

Want to learn how to Bellydance? Want to join a dance troupe? As I am no longer teaching in Wellington, you may like to try these teachers and groups…

Firstly, when picking a dance teacher, think about these things

  • what sort of style do you want to learn? Look into Cabaret Bellydance/Raqs Sharqi/Orientale, or Middle Eastern dance, or Tribal (ATS). You can do a Beginners Course and go from there;
  • the teacher’s experience: workshops attended, how long they’ve been dancing, what their students say about them;
  • the location where they’re teaching;
  • the price (at the moment you’re probably looking at $10-$20 for an hour class);
  • do you ultimately want to perform? You don’t have to if you don’t want to, and no teacher would pressure you to if you didn’t. If you do though and you’re starting out, you probably wouldn’t be performing for at least a year. Tribal takes a bit longer, as there are cues to learn and you need to be able to work with the group.

Teachers in Wellington


Ziva teaches American Tribal Style (ATS) Bellydance. She leads Zilzal Tribal Bellydance. Her classes are in town. Ziva also teaches Pilates and sells costumes on TradeMe. She is a regular teacher at the annual MEDANZ Festival.

Tamara (Yasmin)

Tamara teaches the Sirocco Middle Eastern Dancers in Naenae. They only accept Intermediate to Advanced students.


Shekinah Moonjelly

Moonjelly teaches at Moonjelly Bellydance on Cuba Street. Her advanced dancers often perform at Café Istanbul.

Pip E-Lysaah

Pip teaches all types of Bellydance (including ATS Tribal) in Cuba Street. She often performs at Café Istanbul. She regularly travels internationally to attend workshops and festivals.


Traysi owns Indeja on Cuba Street, so you can just pop in and meet her there. Her group is Snake Charmer Bellydance. She regularly goes to the Middle East and North Africa to buy things for her shop.



Huda is Iraqi (so the only native Arab on this list). She teaches at the Kilbirnie Pool.


Charmaine Seccombe

Charmaine teaches in Upper Hutt. Her dance group is Oasis Pearls. They perform a mixture of Bellydance and Bollywood.



I don’t actually know Anastasia, but I know all the other teachers I’ve listed. I believe she teaches Tribal and Burlesque in town.

More Info

These teachers and others, as well as Bellydance resources, can be found online at:

If I’ve listed you here and I’ve put some incorrect info, let me know so I can fix it up. Thanks.

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