Eva Prowse Album Release

I Cant Keep Secrets
Eva Prowe Album – I Can’t Keep Secrets

My friend Eva Prowse is having her album release tonight. I’m gutted that I can’t make it (as I have a meeting for The Lake, and then I’m attending the Script-To-Screen discussion with Peter Briggs, and then I’m meeting a friend about a job, and then have a skype date. Phew!).

For anyone who can make it, do go along. It’ll be fantastic! Eva was interviewed in The Capital Times this week.

Details for the gig…

WELLINGTON: Wed 17 November at San Francisco Bathhouse
AUCKLAND: Thurs 25 November at Tabac

TICKETS are $12 from here: http://www.undertheradar.co.nz/index.php?task=ticket&q=eva+Prowse&x=9&y=6 .. or $15 on the door

Door @ 7.30pm and we’ll all be underway early (from 8pm) cos my mum’s coming, and likes an early night.

RYAN PREBBLE will be playing support. He is pretty much best described with the straightforward non fuss word AWESOME…

Then I will be playing with a band. The band is made up of: NICK GEORGE on drums, STEVE MOODIE on bass, and RYAN PREBBLE on the guitar.

In Wellington, joining us here and there to add some spice power and hollywood style cameo appearances, the kind DANNY DeVITO would make, are TESSA RAIN, SAMUEL FLYNN SCOTT, and my DAD! yus!

I’ll see you there, but probably not when I’m a playing cos I won’t be wearing specs…

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