Pearls (2022)

Three girls are forced to confront the realities of unwanted sexual attention

A short film that aims to empower young women
and let them know that they’re not alone

a film by Aude Konan

Me Too was written in 2013 and has been in development since 2016. I joined the project as Producer in 2019, working closely with Writer/Director/Exec Producer Aude Konan. The project is produced by Busy Kiwi Productions Ltd.

The film was shot 23/24 July 2022 in East London. Its name changed to Pearls in Post Production. It is now being submitted to film festivals.

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Pearls Landscape poster

When a schoolgirl is triggered by sexual harassment, she and her friends must come to terms with their own experiences and prejudices.

A coming-of-age short about the sexualisation of young women and girls.

British | Drama | Coming of Age | 13 mins

Written & Directed by Aude Konan

Produced by Patricia Hetherington

Executive Producers: Aude Konan and Patricia Hetherington

Amira: Paige Edwards

Mukti: Zara Ramtohul-Akbur

Alison: Megan-Rose Barter

Kevin: Scott Watson

Director of Photography: Gerard Puigmal

1st Assistant Camera: Jecelnena Gubatan

First Assistant Director: Linzy Attenborough

Production Assistant: Lucy Sam

Sound Recordist: Geoffrey Pheasant

Make-Up Artist: Maria Samuel

Stills Photographer: Chris Bourton

Editor: Emily Bussell

Sound Designer: Rob Colquhoun

Colourist: Romain Kedochim, Soda Visual

Composer: Dorrell Ettienne


PopHub Leicester Square
Naomi Soneye-Thomas
Oskar Pimlott

Thank you to all of our crowdfunders. A portion of the funds raised for this film was donated to ActionAid UK.

The events depicted in this movie are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental.

Busy Kiwi Productions Ltd. All rights reserved, 2022

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