NZ things I can’t get in London

This blog post was sitting in my drafts folder for years. I decided to post it retrospectively, with a few amendments.

  • Proper Marmite: the Marmite in the UK is brown, rather than black. It just doesn’t taste as good (to me)


  • Rice crackers: hmmm … with dip
    • edit: you can get these in some supermarkets
  • Sweet Chilli Philly
Sweet Chilli Philly: a soft cheese covered with sweet thai chilli sauce
  • Tim Tams: these were available at the Kiwi/Aussie/SAFA/Canadian store – Penguins are an alternative, but they don’t work for the Tim Tam Slam.
  • Lamingtons: although I did find a cafe in Shoreditch that had them
  • A proper really good flat white: being from Wellington, I’m a snob about my coffee. Sacred cafes do the best in London.
    • edit: there are some good flat whites now…
  • Reduced Cream: mixed with soup mixtures (Onion) for amazing dips


  • Sugarfree V: although you can get regular V in some dairies / stores, if you don’t want the massive sugar hit, you can’t get sugarfree.
  • Grain Waves
  • Spirulina smoothies: seriously, getting a 1L smoothie with spirulina in it … I haven’t found that in London. You can get other green smoothies, but not with spirulina.


  • Pineapple Lumps
  • Chocolate fish: give that man a chocolate fish!


The moral of the story: bring me these things!


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